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Arrival Procedures

For all Grade Levels - PK4 and Kinder: we ask that you drop your child off every morning in the car loop, which is at the north end of the building (near the new wing).

The Front Entrance and Front Drive is for Bus students only.

Our day begins promptly at 7:50 AM. The school opens at 7:20 AM, if you choose to drop your child off early. Your child will be served a free breakfast and lunch each day.

Again, we ask if at all possible, to please allow your student to be dropped off through the north car loop. This helps lessen emotional anxiety that the student and you make feel and makes the transition to school easier on everyone. We also have staff at this end of the building to help students from cars. Once the tardy bell rings at 7:50 AM, school is in session and parents will not be allowed to enter the building. All students PK4 and Kinder students are counted tardy after 8 AM daily. 

Dismissal Procedures

We begin dismissal every day at 3:25 PM. PK4 students are dismissed on the North end of the building, where they are dropped off in the morning. Kinder students are dismissed in the front of the building. Please have your car tag hanging from your rearview mirror or visible in your front window for quick identification of the student you need.

Transportation changes are accepted up to 2:30 PM every day. After 2:30 PM, transportation changes will not be allowed.

Please contact the office to make any change in transportation by 2:30 PM daily.  The front doors are locked and the office is closed daily from 2:45 PM – 3:25 PM to prepare for dismissal.  Parents will not be able to enter the building during dismissal time, for safety reasons. Thank you for your patience and help in keeping your child safe.

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